Sean Slaney is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in New York City. In addition to having his art shown in galleries, Slaney works in window display creating murals, sculptures, and installations for luxury department stores including Barney’s NY, Jeffrey NY and Bergdorf Goodman and has custom hand painted goods for Louis Vuitton. His work is playful and perverse, sunny and sly frequently making use of spray-paint, stencils and more traditional modes of painting. In addition to painting murals as private commissions in NYC homes, Slaney has painted street art stencil murals: in Brooklyn and Manhattan as public art and as part of festivals for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the NY Seaport, for both Bergdorf Goodman's men's and women's store, and for the interior of the club Bounce in London, England. Recently he collaborated with premium French swim brand Robinson Les Bains where he created a spray painted stencil pattern for their clothes. Slaney in recent years has also branched out into sculpture, he was commissioned by Hotel Zaza in Dallas, Texas to build a large scale wooden couple and he continues to explore sculpture in his studio practice on a more personal scale bringing through his pop sensibility.